iHealthOne in 2017

What We Do

Working with medical professionals for these last few years has been extremely rewarding to both our company and the medical practices we’ve partnered with. Our focus has been in assisting the doctors and dentists that need it the most. With many changes constantly piling up in the healthcare industry surrounding the areas of compliance that we deal with the cost can add up quickly. Every single one of our solutions comes at a fraction of the cost that our competitors offer same or similar services at. We’ve had such great success working with medical providers in the areas of Electronic Health Record Funding, Dental EHR Software, & Consulting under MACRA that we’ve managed to build the most cost effective way for our clients to get the help they need.


Why We Do It

Most of the clients that we work with accept medicare or medicaid and see a significant amount of patients that use these types of insurance. Working with these patients can create budgetary constraints that make it hard to grow with new technological demands. We feel that the smaller the practice is the harder it can be to adapt and grow to meet updates in patient care. With the financial burden of electronic health records for example we’ve came up with a solution for dentists that starts with zero setup cost and for a small practice can cost as little as a couple hundred a month. In comparison to other systems that cost tens of thousands to implement this software is also the only fully integrated, cloud based electronic health record software on the market at this time.

With the Electronic Health Record Stimulus Funding Program ending soon, it’s more important than ever that you receive this funding if your office is eligible. We help our clients receive this funding at no up front cost to your office. You can receive up to $63,750 to offset the cost of implementation and training surrounding adopting the usage of electronic health records for your office. Keep in mind that with our cost effective solutions readily available to you, you will also be able to apply funds to growing your practice in the areas that matter most and improving the overall patient care you are able to offer.


Penalties Against Insurance Billing

When your office accepts medicare and medicaid billing and fails to meet compliance guidelines under MACRA you can end up being penalized on a yearly rolling basis against your insurance billing. We work at a very low monthly cost so you get the healthcare compliance consulting that you need, without all the extras you don’t. No practice is the same, while some of our clients use each and every portion of what we offer here, others benefit from one specific section that they need the most.

In 2017 there will be many more changes to the healthcare compliance industry as we know it. With a full team of over 30 healthcare consultants here we do the same research once that benefits thousands of medical offices in the United States we are able to streamline and offset the cost of your office doing it on your own. There’s no time like the present to get started, give us a call at (888) 893-4495 and your first consultation with us is free.