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What Reporting is required under MIPS?

What Reporting is required under MIPS? MIPS requires that reporting is done either under a group or as an individual. This reporting is guided by the MACRA statute guidelines on the working of physicians. The reporting is done according to the individual physician’s choice on their participation in the MIPS. The reporting programs for quality […]

iHealthOne in 2017

What We Do Working with medical professionals for these last few years has been extremely rewarding to both our company and the medical practices we’ve partnered with. Our focus has been in assisting the doctors and dentists that need it the most. With many changes constantly piling up in the healthcare industry surrounding the areas […]

Regulatory Compliance Training Providers & Your Office Staff

Regulatory Compliance Training & Why You Might Need It Professional training & certification amidst the constantly changing regulations surrounding the healthcare industry can be difficult while taking valuable time away from running your practice. Going through the repeated audit of your claims and appeal process for denied claims can quickly get frustrating while trying to […]

Meaningful Use Help

Happy 2017 to all our readers out there, with the upcoming changes in healthcare reform, getting help with demonstrating meaningful use could be more important than ever before. Right now we are in modified stage 2 until the end of 2017. By the time we reach 2018 all healthcare providers will be required to move […]

Healthcare Compliance Consultants – Why you might need one & how to pick the right one.

With the Affordable Care Act going into effect, the sheer number of hospitals, insurance companies, and other healthcare providers, that have struggled to successfully implement major changes in their working – without assistance – has increased drastically. Before that, most of the physicians were comfortable in their working. With the major reforms looming; many doctors […]

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance – How Does it Affect Your Practice? Within the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry, new rules and regulations to protect patients interest, and to make the industry more efficient have been being developed at a record pace. A flood of new regulations got introduced in recent years in light of  the Affordable […]

Adopting Electronic Health Records – What’s the Incentive? Well, Money, of course.

Adopting Electronic Health Records – What’s the Incentive? Well, Money, of course. Solo and small-practice physicians and dentists have had the lowest rate of the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), in which over 50% of physicians who had not adopted an EHR cited financial difficulties as the main reason for not participating in the […]